Alfie is a formative tool that is flexible enough to support a variety of assessment models including baseline testing and termly or topic-based progress tests using proven QCDA and AQA items and tests that have been expertly digitised for online delivery.

Instant gap analysis with accurate NC Levels

  • Match assessment to teaching

    Match assessment to teaching

    Alfie contains QCDA tests and items from 2000-2011. The system generates reports based on National Curriculum Levels, sub-levels and GCSE grades at topic, strand and whole paper level.

  • Assess efficiently

    Assess efficiently

    Imagine no more marking, no photocopying and no delay in receiving insightful data on your pupils strengths and next steps.

  • Plan interventions

    Plan interventions

    Alfie generates the kind of data and reports subject leaders really appreciate - providing things such as question item analysis. reliable national curriculum levels and GCSE grades at pupil, group and across curriculum strands.

Alfie Primary Schools in Action

Currently used in hundreds of primary schools across the country for a variety of assessment tasks, Alfie also supports Year 6 SATS preparation, includes the digitised Optional Maths Tests for Y3, Y4 & Y5 and can do all of these quicker and cheaper than any paper-based methods whilst providing richer data to inform your teaching.

“Alfie has really helped us to improve performance in Year 6.” John Shackleton, Assistant Head Jessons C of E Primary School

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Report Samples


Alfie Secondary Schools in Action

Hundreds of secondary schools across the country have already discovered that Alfie is saving them thousands of pounds in comparison to their old photocopying and print bills…and this is before they factor in the teacher time saved marking, which in a large secondary school can amount to 30 man-days per year. All this of course helps reduce your carbon footprint while freeing up time to spend with more important things.

“Alfie has enabled us to gain a detailed insight into pupil progress…this has been of great benefit.” Karen Frayne, Pool Academy

Case Studies

Report Samples


Tutor Enquiries Welcome

Alfie assessments will shortly be available to support tutors with their pupils. The tutor programme provides access to the last ten years of past papers and items in online on-screen format in the same way that primary and secondary schools can.

Alfie will enable a tutor to generate an accurate National Curriculum Levels at topic, strand and summatively. The reports and analysis help quickly pinpoint any areas of need and help the tutor focus the intervention and support in the right areas.


Our services have been designed by education and assessment professionals to make your use of Alfie as productive as possible. Our Associates are all members of the Chartered institute of Educational Assessors and we work closely to CIEA guidelines and best practice.

We find in many schools that the usage of Alfies takes a typical pattern over a three year period and our  training, consultancy and CPD are designed to help you maximise the impact of your investment in Alfie on school improvement and attainment.

Our service descriptions are below – but please just call to talk to us to discuss your specific needs and we will also be able to put you in touch with someone in your area.

Training Overviews

Corporate clients

In addition to our schools work we have a range of services available to corporate and publishing clients. Our existing clients include Collins Education, GL Assessment and The Learning Organisation.

Assessment publishing

With our experience in the Alfie platform and through ongoing work with the GL Assessment Testwise platform we have become expert in assessment development and publishing. We are able to take your assessment material – typically from print based sources – and develop rich assessment items and reports. We work with the standards based QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) system and can produce a variety of assessment types including diagnostic and training tests as well as more complex adaptive tests.

We are particularly keen to hear from any publishers who wish to develop assessment companions to their print offerings which we could add to the Alfie platform range.

eLearning content and packaging

We are experienced in the production of elearning content and packaging existing materials into standards compliant elearning packages using the IMS and SCORM formats. To support this work we have developed the Myles system.

Myles and SCORMxt

Myles provides the easiest way for you to get your courses into Moodle, Kaleidos, Studywiz, Fronter and all SCORM eLearning systems. SCORMxt enables the flow of SCORM Content Packages through QuarkXPress providing a combined print and online publishing solution.

SCORM 2004 & 1.2 conformant Automatic XML Generation paragraph-level & character-level styling tabular data image & graphics (cropped 72dpi) Web Ready Content Rendering

Work for hire

As a studio experienced in a range of content, elearning and assessment products we are available to work on projects as a work for hire organisation. Previous projects like this include work for GL Assessment to develop CAT3 digital content and for the BBC to support the JAM Education service.

For more information on all the above please contact us at or telephone on 0845 617 1500

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