For schools

Schools decide how to use the tests. They can be used in whole, customised or combined to provide valuable formative & diagnostic information about pupils’ strengths & weaknesses and produce reliable national curriculum levels and GCSE grades in a summative context.

Works seamlessly with school data

Alfie can use the student, teacher and group data found in your MIS to automatically set-up all the user accounts. This includes setting up pupils complete with their UPN’s as well as Class groups – such as maths sets.

MIS data import is supported for Capita SIMS, Serco Facility/CMIS/ePortal, RM Integris, iSAMS and Bromcom.

The analysis generated by Alfie tests can be reviewed & manipulated in Excel as well as being easily transferred to analytical and tracking software such as SIMS Assessment Manager.


Capita SIMS integration

Alfiesoft are a SIMS technical partner. Together with Capita we have developed  SIMS-Sync  to automatically keep school data in SIMS synchronised with the Alfie assessment platform and enables Alfie data to be sent to SIMS Assessment Manager at the click of a button.

SIMS-Sync SD: SIMS-Sync SD is a school data synchroniser that automatically keeps the student, teacher & group data updated within the Alfie Assessment Platform. All data is transmitted securely and handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. ICO Registration Number Z2014235.

SIMS-Sync AM: SIMS-Sync AM helps maximise the use of SIMS Assessment Manager by importing Alfie results at the push of a button.

All the necessary SIMS Assessment Manager templates including Aspects, Grade Sets, Result Sets and Collections are automatically integrated within SIMS ready to receive data.


Think it’s expensive? Think again!

You may be surprised to know that your school is already spending more on photocopying paper-based tests than the cost to buy Alfie. You will also be able to save any money spent on marking services (such as with the NfER). If you use the Mathematics Optional tests in Y3,4,5,7,8 your savings will be even more.

But don’t take our word for it – you can do any of the following: Try our Alfie savings calculator to see what your savings would be in time and money. Sign up today for our Free edition or contact us about your eligibility for a full pilot in your school.

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