2014 Curriculum Change

Change ahead

Part of our ongoing role at Alfiesoft is to scan the horizon to anticipate change. For example, in 2011 we amended our strand and topic descriptions to harmonise Key stage 1, 2 & 3 so you already see “Statistics” and “Geometry” strand labels when browsing Primary Mathematics question banks.

Two years ago, we also exposed Point Scores within our reports enabling schools to report progress using an underlying scale defined by the DfE. Point Scores provide granular data that support “flightpaths” all the way from Key stages 1-4. They currently map to the NC Level & GCSE Grade equivalents and allow for a smooth transition into the new 1-9 scale. Changes that will impact assessment in schools:


  • New National Curriculum comes into force in September 2014 with a core of English, Maths and Science as before.
  • The difficulty in some areas increases, such as the introduction of Algebra at Key stage 2 and more focus on Problem Solving and Reasoning.
  • The New Curriculum structure will only dictate achievement at the end of the Key stage as opposed to ‘Blocks’ or Year expectations as in APP/National Strategies.
  • Draft Programmes of Study are available but not  finalised as-yet.
  • Consultation on assessment “without levels” has been completed but no report or guidance is available as-yet
  • New National Curriculum tests to be introduced from May 2016.


  • New Key stage 3 Curriculum comes into effect in September 2014, with the current curriculum already “disapplied” from September 2013.
  • New Programmes of Study have been published.
  • The system of “levels” is to be removed with schools free to develop their own framework.
  • The curriculum structure is different with end of Key stage expectations and more focus of teaching topics once as opposed to revisiting in a spiral each year.
  • Wide ranging GCSE Reform will follow on for examination in 2017.
  • Single examination window May-June with the exception of English and Maths in November.
  • New grading scale from 1-9 to replace A* to G.
  • All new GCSE’s fully Linear with focus on examination at the end and a reduction in “resits”.

Our commitment to you

As an ongoing subscription-based business that understands the constant changing landscape of education, we have the resources to continually update and amend our offerings. Some of the features you will see in 2014 include:

  • Remapping of material to the 2014 National Curriculum structure, topics and strands.
  • Development of new templates that match the topic, Year and Key stage expectations.
  • Introduction of the 1-9 scale for GCSE within reporting.
  • Continue to provide NC Levels, GCSE Grades and Point Scores in parallel.

Over 1,200 schools now rely on Alfie for baseline, topic & progress testing. In a world of increased uncertainty, Alfie will continue to deliver consistent, insightful and accurate assessment while providing the evidence to support any scrutiny your school may face.

For more information, call us on 08456 171 500 or email info@alfiesoft.com