Primary SATs
  • "The ability to quickly create relevant and individualized tests has had a major impact on our assessment systems"

    — Andrew Bingham, Headteacher (Woolhampton Primary)
  • “As a Maths tool Alfie is brilliant. We use it both in school and for homework in Y6. In Y5 we use it to help with assessment moderation”.

    — John Shackleton, Assistant Head (Jessons Primary School)
  • "Alfiesoft has provided us with a tool which provides valuable feedback to teachers, parents and pupils"

    — Sharon Hurved, Maths coordinator (Eveswell Primary School)
  • "The most valuable thing about Alfie is its ability to demonstrate instantly which areas a group or an individual pupil needs to improve in"

    — Mangal Singh, Deputy Head (Wilkes Green Junior School)
  • "The assessments are quick and simple to prepare, leaving more time for planning and teaching"

    — Deborah Smith (Brailes Primary School)
  • "Alfie has helped me as a teacher, not having to mark thirty tests but being able to spend more time on what the test is telling me"

    — Hurley Primary School


Primary SATs

Over 10 years of on-screen primary SATs past papers, delivering 8000+ questions and tests. Access questions you know and trust in the most current assessment tool available today.

All questions are reviewed and updated in time for 2014 curriculum change.  Assess formatively & diagnostically as well as baseline, topic, progress & summative testing.

  • Create custom tests or use on-screen past papers
  • Includes Level 6 Maths and SPaG
  • Less than 29% of questions are multiple-choice
  • Auto-marking results in fast analysis
  • Reliable National Curriculum Levels
  • Accurate gap analysis and ‘next steps’ marking

Questions can easily be assembled into your own tests to match your teaching and support progress testing, intervention selection and SATs prep.

Bett awards finalist 2015

Annual Licence £295 Unlimited Usage

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Phases: Primary
Specifications: QCDA, STA
Licence Options: 3 year Licence, Annual Licence
Licence Terms: Unlimited
Access Types: Home, School
Key Stages: 1, 2
Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science
Years: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Item Bank Count: : 8899
Template Count: : 536
  • Create custom tests
  • Free MIS Integration
  • SIMS Sync

System Requirements

At Alfiesoft, we’re committed to developing modern & secure web applications and making use of new capabilities available in modern, up-to-date browsers. That’s why we made the decision when developing the AlfieCloud to support only modern browsers, which also provide improved security and performance. All of the Alfie Tests still have full Browser support (Internet Explorer 9 and above).

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Frequently brought together

  • Primary SATs
    Primary SATs
    Over 10 years of on-screen primary SATs past papers delivering 8000+ questions and tests.
  • SIMS-Sync Assessment Manager
    SIMS-Sync AM
    SIMS-Sync Assessment Manager (Only available for SATs tests)
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    Matthew Bradbury - St Anthony's Catholic Primary

    A very useful and timesaving tool to help with tracking progress in Year 5  and6, highlighting areas of weakness and for preparing for SATs.

    Rabeb Thabti - Jubilee Wood Primary SChool

    It was easy to use, easy to set-up and very easy to teacher and train other staff on how to use. I love how you don’t have to print the papers, you can just link the short cut to the pupils drive , they do the test and viola you get the result, all link to sims, which make life alot easier. I love how the report is details, show the weakness of a child.

    R Scott - Holne Chase

    An excellent product that gives pupils and teachers instant feedback without the hassle of jammed photocopiers and shed loads of marking!!!!

    Andrew Freebury - Phase Leader - Croesyceiliog Primary School

    A great assessment tool that indicates strengths, highlights gaps and indicates the next step.  The software is easy to use, and cloud based, so there are no software issues.  It would be great if we could also access the Alfie software using a range of platforms, e.g. iPads. Highly recommended!

    Neil Kelsall - Oasis Academy Limeside

    Instant feedback allows students to make improvements immediately, while reports allow teachers to address whole class weaknesses and target individual intervention.

    Vicky Fernandes - Garden Fields JMI school

    I have found Alfie assessments really useful, I use the data to inform my planning. I find it a valuable tool for assessing reading, it highlights the areas that I need to ensure my guided reading sessions focus on. In Maths I use it to assess at the end of each half term to check the children’s understanding and assess what needs more work.

    Steve Metcalfe - Baldersby-St-James Primary School
    Avril Ritchie - Brookdale Primary School

    Do you want to reduce photocopying and marking time? Alfiesoft assesses your pupils and levels them with none of the usual drawbacks. In our busy teaching schedule this is one tool that we all can rely on.

    Susan Brooks - St George's Primary School

    The instant feedback to the child is brilliant.  By using the analysis tool I can easily plan for the children’s needs.

    Kirsty Finn - Crompton Primary

    Alfie is a great tool in the arsenal of assessment.  The kids love completing the tests online and the information is very useful.

    Tamsin Davis - St Teresa's Catholic Primary Academy

    Alfie provides a diagnostic approach to assessment. It can support, but not replace, class prsactice.

    Ian Randall - Garden Fields Junior Mixed and Infant School

    Alfie is an excellent tool for obtaining accurate and reliable assessment data, without the hassle of hours of marking. The reports are also very useful for targeting future teaching and interventions where they’re most needed for individuals or an entire cohort.

    Carol Meredith - Connaught Junior School
    Sally Townsley - Canvey Junior School

    Easy for the chidren to access. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the product first. Great for giving children instant feedback.

    J Cowie - Rawcliffe Primary School

    Simple, effective assessment that does all the hard work for you, leaving teaching staff to get on with the next steps in their pupils’ learning. Excellent aid for both pupils and staff alike, offering a independent way to test and assess.

    Peet Rademeyer - Discovery Bay International School

    Alfie is definitely the way forward in student assessments. At first it may seem as a daunting task of scheduling tests and running the assessments but if you factor in the time of photocopying and marking tests, Alfie will always come out the victor!

    Zoe Nosworthy - Pebworth First School

    Will be using this to inform assessment termly. Children love using the online assessment, much less onerous for those who are pencil and paper shy.

    Tonya Brook - The Westborough School

    Saves you a lot of time and gives instant feedback.

    Gemma Sassoli - Millfields Community School

    An excellent resource to use to compare teacher led assessments.  It gives a much better picture of the child’s ability.  Children are used to how it works now and find it easy to navigate. Saves having to make lots of test papers.

    Chris Wigley - Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School
    Kate Smith - Birklands Primary School

    Alfie is a very helpful tool for our Year 6 Sat’s boosting groups. Pupils are able to assess themselves at the beginning of a session and then plan their own learning needs. It made boosting much more personalised and focussed.

    Lynne Barker - Glenmead Primary School
    Peter Bravo - Greenfield Primary School
    Helen Turner - Langwith Bassett Primary School
    Glen Cahalin - Ellen Wilkinson Primary School
    Suzanne Beston - Hateley Heath Primary School

    A great teaching resource to assess where children and assess their next steps

    Dianne Stockham - Manorfield Primary and Nursery School

Based on our customer satisfaction survey in 2014:

  • 96%
    Feel our support & sales staff are responsive & knowledgeable
  • 88%
    Think Alfie is good value for money
  • 87%
    Feel Alfie has met their expectations
  • 85%
    Would recommend Alfie to another school
  • 80%
    Satisfied or delighted with Alfie